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tv   Journal  LINKTV  June 26, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> you are watching me -- the "journal" coming to live from dw in berlin. >> eu leaders remember the first world war in belgium. we hear from our correspondent on the ground. >> one day after the deadly bombing in nigeria, our reporter met with some still searching for loved ones. >> in the world cup, germany beat the u.s. to go through to the knockout round.
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eu leaders have been marking the centennial area of the start of the first world war. they came together in a small belgian town where half a million people died fighting between 1914 and 1918. >> the leaders gather to hear the last post, a bugle call performed every day at the memorial to the british and commonwealth soldiers. chancellor angela merkel became the first german leader to attend. she said holding a european union summit in a city that was rebuilt from scratch after the war was a symbol of how the eu has made lives better. >> europe's leaders remember the great war.
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the resulting continent riven by alliances and rivalries. in a sign of just how much things had changed since, german chancellor angela merkel was cheered by the locals. today, europe's rivals mostly square off at eu meetings and not on the battlefield. merkel says the leaders will look for compromises at their summit, even though british prime minister david cameron is isolated in opposing jean-claude juncker as european union president. quick bits of a deal if we are not unanimous. i think we can compromise and even make concessions to britain here. >> here in flanders where so many died due to diplomatic failures, european leaders were keen to sound conciliatory. >> i don't think anyone is going to be the loser. i think it is important that jean-claude juncker puts forward an economic reform agenda which is very close to the british
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one. >> but thursday's commemorations were not about today's political winners and losers but instead about something much bigger -- the rush towards a war that tore europe apart. >> it is about how it could start, about the mindless march to be of this, about be sleepwalking. >> a century after world war i, europe tries to solve its problems with diplomacy and not force. thursday, they remembered a different era. >> while covering the commemoration services is our correspondent wonderful to see you. it begins in a highly symbolic location. why did they choose that backdrop for the meeting. >> you are right -- it was a very truly moving, very private and why it ceremony. in a way, that was the intention
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when eu leaders were invited. he said he wanted a ceremony testifying what modern europe is, a project of hees, solidarity, collaboration between the various european nations, and he wanted to set the tone for the discussions of this summit because the eu' eight leaders are gathering here but also in brussels, where they will talk about the political course for the next five years. >> as you just alluded to, the eu project arose from the ashes of war, but today, i gather, new rattles are being picked. >> yes, that's true. some are saying that british prime minister david cameron is isolating himself more and more within the european union with his firm objection to jean-claude juncker becoming commission president.
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decisions are being made on the european union level, which will determine what the european union will look like over the next five years. david cameron insists that national governments should have more of a say, but it looks like the majority of european union countries want the candidate who is the symbol of the eu institutions. >> all right, to be continued. thank you so very much for that. and that eu summit in belgium will also see history made as ukraine signs and association deal with the block for president viktor yanukovych's decision to pull out of the deal last year triggered months of unrest, which ended in his on -- his ouster. >> his successor has been addressing european representatives about the deal. he has told the council that the
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deal will push ukraine towards the economic and political reforms that it needs. >> let's shift our focus now to those fast-moving events and iraq were the countries most powerful shiite eric has added his voice to a growing chorus of calls from prime minister nouri out my lucky -- nouri al-maliki. >> he joins the u.s. and pushing for a unity government, but maliki says any change to the government would be tantamount to a coup. the situation on the ground is getting worse. >> this unverified videos that show the aftermath of fighting in iraq's second-largest city. it fell under control of insurgents earlier this month. as the sunni militant group continues to make gains, international pressure is mounting on the shiite prime
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minister to form a government of national unity in iraq involving all sects, including sunnis. the british foreign secretary in baghdad for talks today urged maliki to pursue a political solution at the same time as combating militants. the western call for a unity government was echoed by an influential shiite cleric. >> to speed up the formation of a national government with new faces, which include all iraq he set, and that is not based on sectarian quotas. >> but he continues to reject the calls, and while the political divisions remain unresolved, an estimated half a million people have been displaced. these refugees have fled the fighting in mosul for the
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relative safety of a kurdish-controlled cap. it's unlikely they will be able to return home anytime soon. >> we will move on to world cup soccer. germany has beaten the usa 1-0. >> that means germany topped their group, but the usa are also through to the knockout stages. >> thomas miller netted his fourth goal in the tournament to send germany to the knockout phase. and torrential rain, there were a few bright moments. germany had better start. the u.s. rarely troubled the german goal. their first chance was in the 21st minute. germany dominated possession but failed to create many goal-scoring opportunities. germany broke the deadlock in the second half. the usa finally attacked the
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germany goal in the dying seconds of stoppage time, but the shot was blocked. >> this did not turn out to be the friendly people were expecting. they fought for every ball. even on the benches, they could not sit still. they urge their players by the rain for the efforts. in the end, both teams are through and can look forward to a deserved to parents in the knockout rounds. >> let's talk a little more about the results with our sports correspondent who has been tracking all the world action for us.
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welcome to the studio, jason. lets kick off without germany-usa victory, basically. did germany rain on their parade? >> i have to say we can safely say this was not one of the greatest world cup games we have ever seen. it was a pretty dreary affair. it was torrential rain for the entire game, and you could tell the both sides really knew that a draw would be enough to win the game. germany did more but failed to create many chances, and the usa were pretty disappointing. they sat back and really did not try anything. i think they were really scared and just wanted to try to get the draw. when germany took the lead, that could have backfired, depending on how the other game went. but the u.s. was kind of unconvincing compared to games they played so far. germany as well. they just enough to make it through, but both teams now can look or to the next round and can forget about this and plan for the next phase. >> you mentioned briefly the other game. certainly in germany it was the other game, but tell us what
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happened. >> this was a very important game because ghana or portugal could still have made it through to the next round. it was a terrible first goal in the 31st minute as john blake sliced it into his own net, which was unfortunate. portugal won it, but this i hear, we see the second goal of the match where ghana drew level. but it was a disappointing game as well because portugal really needed to win that one big to have any chance of going through. they failed to do that. ghana as well. also very disappointing for them after performing so well against germany in the last game. they were disappointing in this game, and ghana go home. yet another african team is going home. >> stick around. we will continue our conversation in just a moment because ghana's exit follows 24 hours of disarray for the african side. the team stars had already been
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sent packing before kickoff. >> that's right. ghana's football association says one of its members was attacked. and brazilian tv has also aired footage showing a plane reportedly packed full of money and designed to avert a player strike. ghana's squad apparently received over 2 million euros in appearance fees before the clash with portugal. >> let's continue our conversation now with jason. what is up with ghana? big blocks players out -- what's going on? >> this is another bizarre story, and it's always the same as the african nations are usually embroiled in these conversations and it's usually about money. the player we saw supposedly kissing an envelope full of money was the player who scored the only goal against ghana, so we see how much it turned out to be worth. another story -- they refused to train -- there were problems before the world cup even started.
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hamerman, for instance, refused to even leave for brazil. the plane sat on the time it for 24 hours because they wanted the cash to be sorted out. over and over, we see this with african teams. the bizarre stories of $2 million being handed out to players, it's another blot on africa's reputation, and of course, anna are out. >> it's a sad story. thank you so much. >> while the world cup is also over for one soccer star who was so hungry for a win, he has been known around the world as jaws. >> luis suarez has been slapped with a global four-month than after he sunk his teeth into an italian component -- opponent during a world cup match. >> no mercy from striker luis suarez. thief apostasy and to kick the striker out of the world cup for biting another player could rob uruguay of its chance at the
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title. fee for announced the record band two days after the incident. >> suarez is to be suspended for nine official matches. the first match of the suspension is to be served in the upcoming fee for world cup match. the player is taking -- barred from taking part in any kind of fee for activity -- fifa activity for four months. he player is ordered to pay a fine in the amount of 100,000 swiss francs. >> that's around 82,000 euros. the biggest penalty ever imposed at a world cup. uruguay says it will appeal the decision. uruguayan football association president played down the incident ahead of thursday's announcement. >> i was a bit surprised by the reaction from italy's players and from the british press. we all know how hard luis has had to fight to make it this far. >> mocking photos of suarez have
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led to the internet, but fee for's band will hit him the hardest. suarez will have to wait until fall before he can compete on the field again -- fifa's >> welcome back. nigeria is still reeling from a bombing blamed on islamist group boko haram that rocked the capital city on wednesday. the blast went off at a easy shopping mall and was timed deliberately during the afternoon rush as shoppers were buying groceries. >> this all adds to the perception that the nigerian leadership seems powerless to take on the militants that are terrorizing large parts of the country. meanwhile, families whose loved ones are missing are still holding out hope for a sign of life. >> she does not know if she will ever see her husband again. she has heard nothing from him
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since the bomb exploded. she's waiting on a hospital desperate for news. she says her husband works as a taxi driver and was waiting in front of the crowd with a blast went off. she says he had agreed to give somebody a ride and was waiting for the customer to come back. that's all she knows. it's unknown how many people died in the attack. officials say at least 22 people were killed, but eyewitnesses feared the death toll may rise. >> in front of me, i saw a lot of dead bodies, some pieces of human parts. when i look, i knew there were a lot of casualties. >> the devastation is still apparent a day later. nigerian security forces were unable to prevent boko haram from striking here. the country's government appears
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at a loss. >> abuja is still under shock, especially because the bomb blasts occurred right in the middle of the capital here. that shows once again terrorism is not only a problem in the northeast of the country but also here. >> we stay in the region, and the world health organization is warning that west africa's ebola outbreak has become an international menace. >> an emergency meeting of the region's health ministers was called for next week. the epidemic began early this year. >> has been spread to neighboring countries and is now the deadliest outbreak of the virus ever. >> the first symptoms of ebola are fever and joint pains. eventually, the patient's organs fail. ebola is almost always deadly. all doctors can do is minimize the pain and prevent the disease from spreading.
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it is easy to contain the epidemic by isolating patients, but doctors say this approach has not brought the desired results in west africa. >> the number of cases continue to go up. also, we have a quite large spread. 60 different sites are active. this means that the site are not active for this moment. >> ginny has the highest number of reported victims. first case was reported last year. since then, the epidemic has spread even further. cases are now being reported in sierra leone and liberia. this brisk as this between the countries with a border town serving as a key trading center. the streams of travelers are hard to control. the ebola virus originates from dead or infected animals. then the virus is spread among humans through blood and other bodily fluids. experts insist that hygiene and education are crucial.
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>> what still needs to be done more is that to convince people more to stop some dangerous practices or some rituals or the fact that not all patients can come to the treatment centers when they get sick. >> but the health officials often face skepticism. some patients are even being hidden by their relatives. doctors without borders is calling for more local and foreign health workers. the fear is that the epidemic will spiral out of control if there is no increased aid. >> we are going to turn our attention to the middle east where israel has identified two thomas militants as key suspect in the recent disappearance -- two thomas -- two thomas -- two hamas militants as key suspects.
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>> shock hangs over the small town. last week, this 15-year-old boy was shot and killed in a night raid. his mother and family say he was apparently throwing stones at israeli soldiers. >> i was sure he was sleeping. but then, my little daughter came running towards me yelling, "mom! mom! mohammed has climbed out of the window!" then i knew he was dead. >> alongside grief, anger, and disbelief, people here feel their own leaders are not protecting them. >> when mahmoud abbas loses a son, then he will understand my pain.
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and then he will also finally do something. nothing can bring back my son. >> nearby, recent days have been dominated by arrests of israeli soldiers, but they have not dug up any trace of the missing israeli teenagers. night after night, israeli troops have scoured the city unopposed by palestinian officers. >> our government cannot protect its own people. every night, the israelis come and arrest people. the situation here is bad. there's no work. the factories are closed. many people have lost trust in the authorities. >> political leaders candidly call israel's actions a targeted campaign. >> this israeli military action has the aim of creating chaos, provoking infighting, and putting the palestinian leadership under pressure.
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>> the crisis is indeed putting pressure on the unity pact between hamas and abbas' fatah. abducting the three teenagers but has not come forward with proof. hamas has neither confirmed nor denied the accusations. >> they have signed a clear political reconciliation program. if it comes to light that they are involved, it would be quite embarrassing for the palestinian authority. >> just weeks after the palestinian unity government was formed, it is threatening to unravel. no more is known about the whereabouts of the three israeli teenagers or of what will happen next in this conflict. >> time now for the business headlines. u.s. authorities are suing british bank barclays for securities fraud. >> prosecutors in new york allege that barclays gave an
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unfair advantage to high-frequency traders over other investors and denied that it was happening to maximize its profits. earlier this week, news broke that french bank the and. -- bnp paribas could be fined as much as $9 billion for either dating sanctions against iran, sudan, and cuba. let's see how the markets took that news. our man at the frankfurt stock exchange has this to say -- >> it is stories like these that people here on the frankfurt floor can do without. corruption, manipulation, fraud -- it is damaging to the image of every market participant, and if there is more strict criteria, regulation for the markets coming out as a result, then that is a factor for everyone else, too. of course, people here are also getting the feeling, they say, slowly, that the american authorities are pinpointing european banks more than their
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own u.s. banks and giving billions in fines and taking that money from europe. european banks, the losers this day. the dax also a loser, giving way suddenly in the afternoon. traders here not really finding a plausible reason for exactly just that but saying because of ukraine and iraq, investors are getting increasingly nervous. >> the japanese car company toyota has unveiled a new car that is powered entirely by hydrogen. >> the fuel cell sedan should go on the market next spring and will initially retail for around 50,000 euros. the vehicle is powered by a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen instead of a traditional gas engine. over the long term and with the right infrastructure in place, hydrogen fuel cells could significantly reduce carbon emissions in the transport sector.
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>> it has been nearly four months since the malaysia airlines flight mh 370 vanished. >> new information about the mysterious disappearance is surfacing. >> investigators say apparently the plane was flying on autopilot until the moment that it crashed into the indian ocean. >> rescue crews have been searching for the wreckage of malaysian airlines flight mh370 for nearly four months, scanning the waters and the seabed, but so far, there has been no trace of the plane. it is still unclear exactly where it crashed. australian authorities coordinating the search operation say new radar information suggests they should refocus their search. >> the new priority area is still focused on the same seven arc in the southern indian ocean where the aircraft last communicated with satellite. we are now shifting our attention to an area further south along that arc.
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>> officials now believe that the airplane was flying on autopilot, which would have allowed it to continue further before running out of fuel. the search effort will now shift south to an area nearly 1800 kilometers off the west coast of australia. that's one of the areas already considered after the airplane disappeared in march, but the operation was moved that the signals were picked up which were thought to come from the plane's flight data recorder, but experts now say those pings were not admitted by the plane. the new underwater search is due to start in august. >> that is all we have time for. thanks so much for watching. >> see you next time. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> live from paris. face of thee regional jihadist threat, the israeli foreign minister says the jim risch state is ready to assist what he calls moderate states. calling in for more inclusive leadership, top diplomats in the iraqi capital. sectarian violence. defeat in the united states, bothny beat the u.s. as teams go through. portugal, meanwhile, expressed both sides are out of the world cup.